evangelizeWritten by: Theresa Gilbert

Have you started your list of Christmas gifts yet? Maybe you’ve checked off everyone already! Or, maybe you are laughing at that suggestion 🙂

Have you considered giving the gift of faith this year? I think we all have people in our lives, family members or friends, who are anywhere from ignoring God to loving Him fully. For the people in your life who are struggling with their faith or have never heard of God before, it’s the perfect time to bring them back or invite them to the faith.

I have a few suggestions that I hope will help you.

First, pray and know that the Holy Spirit will present opportunities for you to evangelize. The key is for you to be open to the promptings.

Second, move into action. Open the dialogue. Each situation will be different, but consider some of these ideas:

  • Invite the person to Mass with you.
  • If going to a church might be too intimidating, invite them to watch a faith-based movie with you and then discuss about it afterwards.
  • Or, simply invite them to have coffee and ask them “What do you think about God, life, life after death, etc.?”

Third, give them a tangible gift* that they can take home with them to read or listen to. We are all on a journey and all of our conversions are on-going. While they may be open during a discussion, it will be important for them to have time to read or listen on their own, then ponder and reflect. Your job is to plant the seed and let the Holy Spirit water it. Continue to pray for them and be open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to continue your dialogue.

If you are feeling a bit inadequate for the questions that might come your way, remember to answer from your heart. Consider bulking up on knowledge** through your own reading online and books. And, if you don’t know the answer, let them know that and promise to find it out and get back to them.

This Christmas,

Be Bold,

Be Humble,

Be open to the Holy Spirit.



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