Written By: Sandra Walfisz

The period of waiting tends to be the most frustrating period for many people. It’s filled with uncertainty, testing of patience, and having to learn how to channel our growing desires. Whether we are waiting for a job interview response or waiting to find our future spouse, there is always a desire that grows in us during this time of waiting. Many times we just feel like screaming “WHY GOD?!” because we struggle to understand God’s reasoning for placing us in this season of waiting for an answer we know He already has. But our God always has a deeper purpose for us that we never fully realize when we are in those moments. He wants us to focus on the beauty of the journey more than the actual goal to be reached, because there is so much to be learned in the journey.

Think back to the second story of creation in Genesis chapter 2. After God creates the heavens and earth, He creates man from the dust and breathes life into his nostrils. God knows that it is “not good for man to be alone” (Gen 2:18) and so He promises to make a suitable helper for him. What does God create? He creates all the animals and birds and brings them to the man. Many of us might question God in this moment. He knows EXACTLY who is the most suitable helper for man, yet God chose to bring the animals to him first. Why? Why play around with Adam? This is where God’s deeper purpose becomes revealed so perfectly. With each animal that gets presented to Adam, he probably started to get frustrated as he kept waiting for that perfect match suited for him. His desire for that connection and relation kept growing and growing. It wasn’t until the very end that God puts Adam in a deep sleep, takes out a rib and creates woman.

When Adam awakes and sees the woman, he is ecstatic and cries in joy “This one, at last, is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh!” (Gen 2:23). His desire grew so much during that time of waiting that when it finally came time for God to reveal man’s suitable helper, Adam could embrace it completely. Think about when you walk around and breathe air. We are so used to it being just available to us that we don’t always fully appreciate the ability to breathe. If you are stuck underwater and can’t lift your head to breathe, your desire to breathe air starts increasing and getting stronger. When you are finally able to lift your head above water and take that full breath in, you have a whole new appreciation for air because your desire for it grew so strongly.

Sometimes God allows us to stay in this moment of waiting so that the hunger of our desires grow stronger for that exact same reason. When the time comes that God leads us out of that time of waiting, we will be able to have a deeper appreciation because we went through this journey. Tap into that growing hunger and allow God to speak to you through those desires.


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