Written By: Sandra Walfisz

Good Friday. The day of the Passion of Our Lord. The day when Christ showed the greatest act of mercy. The day when Christ defeated the power of death and re-opened the gates of Heaven. The day when He transformed suffering and death into something that is now redemptive. Different feelings come with this day, mostly centered on deep contemplation and mourning the death of Our Saviour. As real and important as those feelings are, I feel for many of us, this is where we stop. We stop at the cross, thinking that this is the climax or most important part of Easter. We get focused more on living the death of Christ and we forget that the actual climax of Easter is not the death, but rather the RESURRECTION.

That is not to say that the death of Christ is not important, it is very important, there is no Easter without first Good Friday and there is no glory without first suffering, but that death would have no meaning without the resurrection on the third day following.  It is through His resurrection that Christ made suffering and death transformed and redemptive. Many of us would follow Christ totally and faithfully, all the way to the cross and grave. But He doesn’t want us to stop there. He wants us to follow Him THROUGH the cross, not just to the cross, and praise and glorify Him in His RESURRECTION.

We live through this at every mass where we go through the last supper and passion and death of Christ, but also His resurrection. This is who we are receiving in Holy Communion, the RESURRECTED LORD. The priest even physically connects the body and blood when he places a piece of the body into the chalice with the blood of Christ, as a sign of soul and body connecting together again and lifting them up together as Christ now resurrected.

Let us bring that focus to truly live this Good Friday to the fullest. Walk with Christ in His way of the cross, all the way up to the top of Golgotha, to His death on that cross. Allow yourself to die with Him on that cross, but don’t stop there! Keep following Him through the cross and be resurrected with Him!

St. Paul says that if Christ isn’t risen from the dead then our entire faith is in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:17) We praise you and glorify you, for you are Our RESURRECTED Lord.


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