tired man w coffee - smallWritten by: Kathleen Dunn

I, like the majority of my age demographic, have a very hard time getting out of bed. And I don’t just mean I lie there in denial that it is, in fact, morning. I mean that I have to set nearly 8 alarms in order to wake up my subconscious, who then wakes up my conscious, who has to remind my body that “5 more minutes” means 20 minutes late for my second class of the day. Yes, mornings are very difficult for me.

Evidently, a fresh mug of coffee is the necessary key to my morning blues to set me on track for the day. Often times, as I wake up late, I will only have time to attend to a few morning details before I rush off to class. Never would I question skipping my morning coffee among my hasty preparations for the day. How could I ever make it through the day without caffeine to get me through?

But when reflecting on my prayer life, I realized that what most often gets overlooked in these busy moments is my morning prayer. Somehow, I am able to find the time to make or buy coffee on the way to class, yet I cannot make the time to reverently offer my day to the Lord. In my desperate need for strength to start the day, am I depending on coffee more than I depend on God?

In countless areas of our lives, we so often turn to physical comforts or worldly assistance before we turn to God. All of us have daily habits that we cannot live without, whether it is an afternoon nap, a daily run or even a chance to vent our troubles to a friend on the phone. Yes, these things are good and are sometimes necessary to help us relax and wind down. But if we honestly believe God to be the Powerful, Loving, Comforter whom He revealed Himself to be, should we not go to Him first to find strength and peace?

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

We are so loved by God, so blessed by God, that He offers to take our cares and our struggles and replace them with peace and strength if we only trust in Him. The Bible is full of His Word reminding us not to worry but to trust in His providence.  It is only by our own ignorance and pride that we turn to our own solutions before opening our hearts to the Lord. However, when we do choose to depend on His strength, we sheepishly realize how much more rewarding and lasting His grace is – infinitely more satisfying than what a cup of coffee or a cat-nap could offer us.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield, in whom my heart trusted and found help.” Psalm 28:7

Getting up on time in the morning is not something that comes easy to me. Neither is regularly making time to offer my day to the Lord an easy habit for me to form. It is something that is certainly taking discipline, patience and devotion. But the handy thing about God is that He loves us so much that we can even ask for the strength to remember to ask Him for strength. I know that with His grace and my willing heart, my dependence on caffeine is transforming into complete dependence on God. In my daily reflection, I will instead be asking,

“How could I ever make it through the day without calling on God to get me through?”

Let us pray for each other, as each of us seeks to turn to God first in every area of our lives.


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