courage-logo-small2Written by: Mike McCann

Let’s face it, in our society the topic of homosexuality is like a land-mine: given the slightest pressure, the media and their followers (i.e. normal people like you and I) explode in a flurry of insults and ‘How dare you!’s. To make a stand against homosexuality and/or for traditional marriage is to have yourself, more likely than not, branded a bigot. Unfortunately, we may have even heard or known of select Church clergy who have relaxed their stances on the issue, in favour of “modernisation.” All in all, there are times when the situation looks fairly bleak. Then I read a testimony like this one, and I am reminded that the fight is already won.

The above is a testimony from a young man in an internationally-renowned group called Courage. The simple title speaks volumes about the characters of its members, as each of them have struggled or do struggle with homosexual tendencies, and yet they live chaste lives in full communion with the Catholic Church. This Monday, one of their members is coming to McMaster University for the first time for a public lecture. For the first time, we will have the privilege of hearing the Church’s defence of love, marriage and sex as God intended them, from someone who in society would be expected to be on the front lines against them. Instead of the emotional rhetoric of those who firmly believe that we are taking from others the right to happiness, we will hear the voice of one who trusts firmly in Christ and His love with the cross that he has been given to bear, for the betterment of those who listen to his story.

I humbly ask for prayers for this lecture, and for the Courage representative coming to speak to us, that God may use him to open the hearts and minds of those who attend with a heart open to the truth. I pray that we will have the courage to defend the truth against adversity, in the same loving way as the members of Courage. If you would like to attend the lecture, simply comment below and I will be sure to get back to you with all the event info.

Pray without ceasing!


For more information about Courage please visit their website:



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