Convinced-movieWritten By: Lawrence Lam

Don Johnson, a recent convert and filmmaker, set out to document the similar experiences of some prominent Catholic converts or reverts and compiles his interviews excellently in Convinced. Interviewing well known Catholic Americans such as Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, Jennifer Fulwiler and Leah Libresco among others, what Johnson has compiled is informative to the Cradle Catholic, his fellow converts, as well as those not in the Church.

Each person’s experience is unique, but he clusters the stories along a logical flow of those who get to first know God, then Christ, and then the Church. A special segment is dedicated to struggles regarding the intercession of Mary in a very powerful way. To those of us who take the Truth of our Faith for granted, we are reminded of the importance of Apostolic Succession, the beauty of Christ’s sacramental presence, and the Central Authority role in resolving disputes over conflicting interpretations. Fellow converts and reverts will find much resonance with their own journey to discover what Catholicism offers in contrast to caricatures painted by non-Catholics. And non-Catholics’ curiosities are drawn in to investigate the substance behind the personal stories of these respected figures.

Converting is weird, yet what convinces the convert to take on the pain of the paradigm shift into Catholicism must be justifiable. The bottom line at the end of the day is that what the Catholic Church teaches is TRUE. Jennifer Fulwiler further explains that Catholicism is the “box-top to the puzzle of life…the most full experience of the human life”. Check out the film and arrange for a screening with a healthy representation of the above and dare to be re-convinced.


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