Written By: Sandra Walfisz

“Behold this Heart which loves so much yet it is so little loved. Is there anyone who will console this Heart? Is there anyone who will be my friend?” (Consoling the Heart of Jesus, pg. 46).

When we hear the term “consoling the Heart of Jesus” many of us might think “how can someone like me, who is weak and struggling and small, do anything to console the Heart of Christ?” Many times we wouldn’t even think to consider that Christ’s heart is constantly calling out to us to console it. St. Mother Teresa constantly reminded us how when Jesus cried on the cross “I thirst”, it wasn’t Him crying in physical thirst, but He cried to us because He thirsted for us to come to Him.

There is this incredible book called “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” by Fr. Michael G. Gaitley, (a book I HIGHLY recommend!) and he brought up a powerful image of why it is so important of us to constantly run to console that thirst, to console Christ’s Sacred Heart. Christ has so much love and grace that He wants to give on us, but what hurts Him most is when no one wishes to come to Him to accept it. We allow our weaknesses and fear stop us because we convince ourselves that we are not worthy, or have fallen so far that we don’t even consider the option of approaching God. Other times we have this misinterpreted idea that in order to come to God I need to do something GREAT, and that overwhelms us when we come to terms of our human limitations.  What stops you from coming to Christ and accepting His love when His Heart thirsts for you?

There is a beautiful image of a moment depicted in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ”. St. Veronica was just an ordinary person, just like you an me, and in the movie it shows her just go about her day until the roar of the crowds catches her attention. We all have an inner intuition, differing for both men and women, but it’s this feeling that we all have to meet a need and serve. We might notice this need in different ways, women on a deeper emotional level and men on a more direct problem solving level. St. Veronica had that same intuition, and she followed it. Her initial curiosity of the crowds might’ve been the start to bring her to where Christ was passing by, but when she saw him so broken and wounded, that is where her intuition drove her.

Now it wasn’t like the red sea parted and she had a perfect clear path to Christ…it was UTTER CHAOS! People were pushing, crying, screaming, soldiers yelling, and yet she kept her focus on Christ. Inside she was probably frightened, maybe hesitant even, but she kept moving forward and that chaos all around her eventually just became white noise. Remember, fear stops you dead in your tracks…but love MOVES YOU!

There comes that beautiful moment when she drops down to the ground and gently dabs His face with a cloth as their eyes meet. A small, simple act, yet more powerful than we can imagine.

Do you follow your intuition to run through the crowds where Christ is broken and beaten on the ground? Place yourself today for a moment in that scene, and allow yourself to be St. Veronica. As you hold the face of Christ in your hand picture Him saying these words to your heart: “Child, you are a delight to my Heart. At Last, I have found some rest. My friend, I have found rest in your heart. Thank you for being with me at this hour.” (Consoling the Heart of Jesus, pg. 103).

It doesn’t take a huge act. All it takes is a moment to be with Him.

Follow your intuition today, and allow it to show you where there is a need that needs your love today.


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