Written By: Catherine Spada

The limitations of our human faculties are designed in such a way to keep us at fair distance from ever fully comprehending divine mystery and that is a good thing. We can pursue sanctity and commit to obedient sacrifices and through such, we may have a clearer chance of witnessing God’s majesty and providence. Yet, we will never be able to contain the abundance of His offerings to us, or ever be completely sure that we are fulfilling His will.

This poses a great challenge to us. Our advancements in technology and the fast paced lifestyle we have grown accustomed to, enables us to be a very result based, and self-gratifying population.

But, in the spiritual life we cannot concretely grasp the surety of God’s approval and affirmation. We can strive though for gaining perspective on how to navigate our lives in a manner of attentiveness to His holy will, to have an appetite for His peace.

Should we assume the surety of fulfilling God’s will, we act and live not by faith, but by our own orchestrations and a deep desire for security, for the same level control we appear to have over most of the concerns within our grasp.

To be at home in God’s will is to be at comfort in the unknown.

To fulfill the will of God is to first empty ourselves of the desire to be fulfilled by anything we can contain and fully comprehend. It is the moment that we step out onto the ledge, and into the dark with nothing but hope, that we can then give ourselves the chance to be an instrument and welcome our Lord’s providential stewardship.

Even the most stubborn are pursued by God through seemingly radical humiliations, crushed to the core, only to find at the very bottom of it all, the still small voice of God calling them His beloved.

We learn concretely in moments of desolation and perceived loss that holiness is rooted not in our pursuit of God’s will, but in our willingness and consent to be stripped and emptied of everything. There is great reason we are called to spend 40 days meditating upon the desert experience and not four minutes.

As we journey through Lent, and if we are obedient to it, striving toward a greater sense of sacrifice and drawing nearer to the Lord, then we should reach a point of understanding our limitations and God’s infinite capabilities.

He fills us where we are lacking, and simultaneously humbles us to know what we lack, encouraging a refinement of perspective on what it is that must fill us.

The grace we need so desperately to endure and to persevere in a life of holiness. The grace of His radical love to sustain and provide in all the ways that we are called to serve Him. It is a race won by patience, marked by heroic virtue.

Let us pray to gain sensitivity to those things that keep us filled with ourselves, and for increased attentiveness to God’s will.

May we learn to find repose in the unknown. Stepping out onto the ledge without the surety of being caught, but in hope of being provided for.

As the allurements of the world fight for our attention let us continually attune ourselves to the still small voice of God by renewing our availability to His mystery everyday in silence. “I delight to do your will, my God; your law is in my inner being!” (Psalm 40:9)


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