couple holding hands sitting -smallWritten By: Niki Lau

I wanted to share with you two articles that a read the other day about cohabitation and “hooking up” which sadly is becoming the norm and is generally accepted in society and in the media.

Cohabitation in the news

Pretty cool article. So much to love about what is being said.  “Carol, a New York writer friend in her mid-thirties, agreed. “What are you really going to get that you’re not getting spending almost every day together? Is it like, ‘I’ve got to know what you do with the toothpaste tube!’”

And…”I always thought that sharing an apartment was a good way to test-run domestic matrimony. However, Dr. Rhoades suggests another, glass-half-empty view: “If you want to test your relationship, it probably means something is not right.””

Hookups today

Great article on the NYT blog. While it’s nice more people are waiting to have sex, i.e. virgins in their twenties (up 7% according to the Center for disease control) , it seems like the two camps are firmly divided between either lots of sexual partners, or just the one in a lifetime.

Interesting, they talk about the movie No Strings Attached. I was really surprised how THAT movie rejected its own premise.

Friends with benefits, the idea of that and then having an actual relationship just seems confusing. It just seems so counter-intuitive. It is a really lame counterfeit of the real thing – marriage. And why would we expect people to be able to commit to a relationship when they’ve spent their young adult life having friends-with-benefits?

The article provides scientific evidence of the brain keeping record of your friends-with-benefits through dopamine, which was interesting, because the author thinks using science would be a stronger argument. There’s also a bit about depression being more prevalent in girls who have sex with more partners at an earlier age. I guess these are true, but I still stick by my number 1 rule save yourself for marriage!

Here is a video commentary with Fr. Robert Barron on “The Hookup Culture”


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