men whisper in ear - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

It is always an interesting experience when we acquiesce to our lowest selves and listen in on a life and story that otherwise shouldn’t be heard. But when bodies are packed into a very small space, and coffee is going in different directions, I believe the coffee shop has made an eavesdropper out of the best of us.

In my particular case for example, I am fighting back the temptation to turn and give the fullest attention to some very secretive conversations that have the most terrible habit of saying Catholic Church every other exchange. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, the frequency of the words might have me believe that I was the one being observed.  Walking in my very catholic manner and placing my order in a uniquely catholic fashion COULD have tipped others off to my particular religious persuasion; but I doubt it.

Ah yes, there it is. While I was writing they have given me more to go on than just theories. A certain bishops’ meeting, that is what all their enthusiasm is about…the synod. Should I turn around? It will seem strange to them of course, but when you discuss interesting things you should never be surprised when interesting things happen. And why shouldn’t I? It is not as if they are talking about something private. But then again, perhaps my suddenly awkward presence might bring an otherwise fruitful conversation to an end. Oh what to do?

I feel torn. Because you see, I want to know what the most recent synod of the church has people saying; and I want to know if it is the expression of slander or love at work in the seats behind me. But I also don’t want tointrude. Cursed be my Canadian politeness…and my eavesdropping.

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