poster_2010Written by: Theresa Gilbert

Did you see those Halloween items disappear November 1st and replaced with Christmas items? Do you notice the Christmas lights showing up in your neighbourhood? Have you started thinking about (and possibly already buying) Christmas gifts for your family and friends? Are you preparing your heart for Jesus’ birth?

Let’s face it, we live in a society that loves Christmas for the decorations, gifts and fun times with others. Yet, the real reason for Christmas is often forgotten – whether on purpose or not.

Nothing is wrong with the above noted things, but if that is all we focus on, then we’re missing out. We celebrate Christmas because God sent His Son to us through Mary. He sent His Son to die for our sins. Let’s stay focussed on the reason for the season – take advantage of Advent by taking more time in your day to be with God (and not just to ask for something, but to praise Him and thank Him for all He does for you). Take time to quiet your heart and mind. Stop and listen to what God has to say to you. I am certain He wants to spend time with you – throughout Advent and every day.

A great campaign that helps us refocus on the reason for Christmas by shows an image of a preborn child with a halo and the words “He’s on His Way”, “Christmas starts with Christ”. Check it out.



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