crucifix - smallWritten By: Fr. Jason Kuntz

One of the most poignant elements of the solemn Good Friday liturgy is the solemn sung intercessions.  We pray for not only for the needs of the Catholic Church, but for all people of every faith and even those of no faith.  This reminds us that this day – the day that Christ died – is not only for Christians but for all humanity.

This day is for the Church: for Christ gave birth to the Church through the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist which flowed from his pierced side as blood and water. 

This day is for Pope, the Bishops, the Clergy: Christ died for his apostles, those men who betrayed him, denied him, abandoned him and scattered. 

This day is for all Christians:  Christ died to gather into one family all peoples scattered throughout the world. 

This day is for those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ:  Christ prayed for those who rejected him and accused him of blasphemy crucified him “Forgive them Father they know not what they do”  

This day is for those who see the world as cold and senseless, not believing in any God at all – Jesus experienced the absurdity and pain of a Godless world when he cried out “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”  

This day is for all civil leaders:  Jesus Christ, the only true King of the world surrender himself to the authority of Pilate and accepted condemnation. 

This day is for the sick, the suffering, the dying:  God himself has suffered for us and died with us.  No matter how great our sufferings are, we do not suffer alone – God suffers with us.  Death no longer is meaningless for death unites us with life, death unites us with Jesus.

Christ by his passion and cross has united himself with every man and every woman.  We pray today that his passion, his death may be efficacious not only in our own lives, but the lives of all people. 



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