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In the upcoming Sunday Gospel, Jesus will visit the home of Mary and Martha. He will observe that Martha is “fretting and anxious about many things,” and He will assure her that only one thing is necessary: Himself. How often do we get caught up in the trifles of our lives, working ourselves up instead of trusting in Jesus? In the last few weeks, I myself have been a Martha. I’ve been asking God what I’m supposed to do, terrified that He might actually answer! In my restlessness, I found myself complaining to God, much like Martha. This was my prayer:

Lord I’m looking for words but there are none. I feel so empty and sad and exhausted. But you know that silence would never do, so let me sing Your praise in this Dark Night of My Soul.

Lord, You are good. You are love, You Are Holy, You are pure, You are perfect. You lean close to me in my sorrow, You hear my plea, You hurt when I hurt, You dwell in my pain. You light my darkness, You lighten my burden, You heal my brokenness, You restore my weary heart. You know me, You made me, You’ve searched me, You’ve searched for me. You call to us, You thirst for us, You tell us not to be afraid. I love you, I trust in you, I need You, I praise You. Lord, what am I that You should love me? i am the lost sheep, i am the Samaritan woman, i am the prodigal son, i am the repentant theif, i am the tax collector, i am the adulterous woman, i am the blind beggar, i am the hungry crowd, i am the failed fisherman who searched all night until You chose me. i am entirely Yours. You have made me Your own. You make all things new.

I noticed that as I began to praise God and reflect on His goodness, both my attitude and my mood shifted. If you ever find yourself fretting over passing things, take a moment to reflect. Open your heart to God, and allow Him to transform it. You may find that even in your busyness or uncertainty, you will be at peace.


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