Choice-Chain2Written by: Theresa Gilbert

There is a group of young, pro-life activists who have spent time becoming knowledgeable and articulate on the issue of abortion. And, recently, have brought a campaign called “Choice” Chain to nearby Catholic high schools in Alberta (see news and video links below). “Choice” Chain consists of these young, articulate and compassionate activists holding large signs with images of the reality of abortion and conversing with people. They are with The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

They have received a lot of feedback: good and bad. Some of the high school students, teachers and principals have attempted to censor their message. Others have engaged in life-changing dialogue. As someone who has shown similar images during pro-life presentations, I know the mix of responses is expected. Who wants to be confronted with the reality that abortion is killing an innocent human being – essentially taking them apart in their mother’s womb while still alive*? Who wants to see the gruesome images of a preborn human being torn to pieces?

I don’t!

But, here’s the thing, as long as abortion is happening** and legal in our country*** it is essential that the truth be shown to people.

If these images are so horrible to look at – why do we tolerate it?

Women and children deserve so much better than abortion.



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