man happy sun - smallWritten By: Lawrence Lam

Pope Francis has opened the Holy Doors, first in Bangui and most officially at St. Peter’s! The Holy door symbolizes a passing through, a refreshing start hearkening to our passing through water at baptism. Indulgences are associated with walking through any jubilee door, but this is what is so misunderstood by many, both Catholic and non-Catholics.

In the movie Dogma, fallen angels think they can simply walk through a jubilee door and sneak their way back into Heaven as if exploiting a loophole in God’s law. Indulgences in general, the celebration of the Extraordinary Jubilee are not about walking through a door.

Walking through a door is an action symbolic of a reality – in this case to be merciful and take on a greater imitation of God’s infinite mercy. The logo is of the sinner, the lost lamb, carried on the shoulders of the Lord. We renew our dependence on God to carry us home. We take upon our shoulders in imitation those who need our assistance to be led on the right path. Rather than resorting to judgment and exclusion so as to turn away from the “excommunicated”, celebrating the year is to be radical and countercultural to such prevalent dispositions. I’m excited to challenge myself in this way and wish all of you a great year celebrating the Lord’s Mercy.


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