gladiators fighting - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

While studying the history of Poland in my university days, I came across a line from some historian that is more quotable than I certainly am. He described the Polish people as ‘a nation caught between two rapacious lovers,’ the Germanic and the Russian. And while I have often returned to this thought for purely spiritual insights (and not for any anti-Germanic or Russian sentiments I assure you) lately I have found myself seeing the state of Christianity as experiencing something quite similar.

This is because Christianity today, as you probably have noticed, has the attention of two very distinct groups of thought. On the one hand we find the religion that declares God is not Father and on the other we find the religion that declares God cannot be known. The one says death to the Christian in the name of Allah; while the other says persecute the Christian in the name of good taste.

And what is so strange, is that these two suitors of sorts love to hate Christianity for the very thing that the other is shouting from the roof tops. Secular humanism bullies because apparently we Christians have and continue to bully them in spite of our quiet but persistent chant that we hate the sin but not the sinner, and yet they will not touch the teachings of Islam because well…I am not sure why. And Islam or at least those who are living the variety that is currently murdering and displacing millions believes that the only response to secular humanism and moral laxity found therein is physical intervention of the worst kind.

Now, I am not a dooms dayest, and I cannot see into the near or far off future but I can write a good story from time to time. And if our world came to a crashing end with two rapacious lovers fighting over a weak and ignorant Christianity, then I could at least say that the whole story line makes sense.

Make no mistake. Christianity has the power to stop all of this madness, and it has always had this power because it has Jesus Christ. It is His story after all.

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