family-eating-smallWritten By: David Gilbert

A few weeks ago I wrote an email on “Who Do You Worship On Sunday?” which emphasized that Mass is not about celebrating community, nor is it about us. The Mass is about God and the sacrifice of the Mass.

Some people  attend Mass. Some do more than just come to Mass; they pray the Mass.  Then there those who actually live the Mass.  The Mass becomes a vital part of their lives.

We come to Mass to worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  We are not there  to socialize or be entertained. If we do, then we allow ourselves to lose our focus on the solemn event that is about to take place on the altar and also risk fully appreciating and preparing ourselves for entering into communion with the living body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

Is building and supporting a Catholic community important?  Absolutely!   We should make every effort to build our Catholic community and socialize after Mass outside of the nave of the church.

Stay and chat in the church hall or parking lot.  Invite parishioners to your home for brunch afterwards. Organize / attend a parish social event. Join a parish ministry. Organize a group to attend a Serviam Ministries event.  Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know or would like to know better.  We have approached and been approached by parishioners over the years who have grown to be wonderful friends and great supports for us and our growing family. What ever it is, do it but keep it outside of the Mass and save what happens inside the church for Christ. We must never take away our focus on Christ and giving all praise and glory to God.


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