Corpus Christi 06Written By: Patricia Everaert,

The beautiful Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ – Corpus Christi – is one of the few times in which our faith is made public.

Many parishes still take to the streets in a procession around the church – even through whole neighbourhoods. Banners fly, hymns are sung, priests are visibly and boldly vested, and all this happens in a procession behind Our Lord as He is carried in a monstrance under a baldachin with acolytes carrying incense and a cross. It is attention-getting, that’s for sure, and I think an example of our faith at its best; a demonstration on the ability of pomp and circumstance to elevate and edify when focused on the glory of God.

On this day, we make our faith – in fact the very Source and Summit of our faith – public. People sitting on their front porches, going for coffee, taking walk, or standing at their kitchen window are, ever so briefly, exposed to the Presence of Jesus Christ. We witness to all these people our reverence for Him. We affirm our belief. We risk ridicule and derision. But we may also find opportunities to reach out, to share our faith, to answer questions, to invite back to the Church someone who has drifted away.

Walking in procession behind Christ feels so very biblical, uniting us to all the faithful who loved Him millennia ago. Jesus Christ, Body and Blood, is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.



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