women reading book grey - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

We tend to guard the things that are important to us; our children, spouse, family, country, etc.  The two greatest gifts we have been given by God are our bodies and soul. Unfortunately, in the busyness of life, the body and soul seem to be the two things we tend to put on the back burner.

We need to be mindful what we allow into our body and soul. There is a saying; “Garbage in, garbage out.” This saying may sound simple, especially when it comes to our bodies. If you eat junk food, use drugs,  or do not exercise then obviously you are putting garbage in and your body is not functioning at a healthy level. However, what is more difficult is being aware of what we allow in our souls.

What do you allow to enter your eyes? What thoughts do you entertain in your mind? What do you allow yourself to read, hear, and watch? Do these things point you towards God or not?

Every action has a consequence. When it comes to the spiritual life there is only a positive and negative consequence – there is nothing neutral. Either it brings you closer to God or it moves you away from God.

To improve our spiritual compass is to be aware of what you allow in. What are the things that consume your thoughts, words, what you watch, and time?

Just like when you start eating healthy food your body naturally cleanses and repairs itself. So too do our souls; when we start consuming holy things our faith and virtue grow and our attachment to our former vices weakens.

Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Let’s start taking the garbage out of our lives.


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