inside church monestary - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

There is no denying that there is a battle within the Church over authentic Catholicism. This authentic Catholicism is not “liberal” or “conservative” because Catholicism is neither liberal nor conservative. Authentic Catholicism adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church (all of her teachings – yes, even the socially unpopular ones like abortion, contraception, all male clergy, etc.).

This battle is over Catholics who are increasingly tired of seeing their Church being used for priests’ and bishops’ own (often liberal) agenda. This has caused many to abandon their faith or switch to Protestantism (I mean why not? If Catholicism is presented the same way then why not join those fun mega churches with the personality preachers instead?).

Here in Canada recently a priest was stripped of his priestly duties because he preached against abortion and homosexual marriage, which are both Church teaching.  You can read the article here.

In the United States this battle over authentic Catholicism has reached its high point in El Paso Texas where a Catholic priest (Fr. Michael) was moved 250 miles into a middle of know where parish because he (Fr. Michael) was speaking out against, both in articles, the pulpit and on television,  about the state allowing the same benefits for gay couples as traditionally married couples. His bishop publicly refuted Fr. Michael that his teaching on homosexuality stating that it was his own personal opinion rather than that of the teachings of the Catholic Church – even though Fr. Michael quoted from both the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

There is hope in all of this. We have a younger generation of parishioners, seminarians and priests that are on fire for the Catholic Church and hold to the authentic Catholic teachings of the Church – without adding or taking anything away from it. This has largely to do with the work of Blessed Pope John II and our current pope Benedict the XVI – God Bless them!


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