man on bench good and bad - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

If you have taken your Lenten journey seriously this year, then I have no doubt that it has been quite a struggle.

For some, the struggle might come from hearing more of the evil one than they are used to discerning in their ordinary lives; and for others the struggle might come from hearing more of God.

Both bring with it benefits and challenges, but still… I know which one I prefer.

A Lent with more devil in it certainly doesn’t sound too appealing and is nothing to sell the Faith with…

…but let’s face it,

…we tend to get ourselves moving in the right direction after a good scare.

If you could actually hear the voice of the evil one in your day and his attempt at influencing your behaviour this Lent, you might have a good chance at staying on task…or at least staying out of trouble.

But as tactically beneficial as the experience might be in the spiritual life, I have to admit that I would still rather give my two ears to the angels.

God is, after all, the best of all lovers and He knows just what to whisper in the ear of those inclined to listen.

The problem of course is that most of us have two ears, and they tend to tap into both channels.

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