Written By: Sandra Walfisz

It’s funny to see the places God will bring you to in order to tell you or show you something. For me…it was 8 hours up north, on a canoe, in the middle of a huge lake. This past weekend I went on a camping trip with a group for a few days. Clearly we very much embraced the “go big or go home” saying since we decided to drive to a provincial park that was 8 hours north. Some people may see that as quite intense, or crazy, but for me I felt very excited to spend some time in nature and away from all the noise.

We are so used to a “go, go, go” mentality with our daily routines. I for one am VERY guilty of getting stuck in that mentality. I feel that I constantly need to be doing something or that I have so much on my plate to do, and sitting and breathing becomes not even a thought or an option at times. Even with something a simple as feeling like I constantly needed to fix things or help everyone, I was turning myself into a human doing and not a human being. I didn’t realize how deep this was until I allowed myself to just completely engulf myself in stillness and silence on my trip.

The weather ended up clearing up and the sun came out on the Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend and I decided to rent a canoe for a few hours and paddle around the lake. The silence that was present was something I haven’t felt and something I can’t even find words to describe. It was so deep and so profound, you could literally hear every individual leaf rustle, or each individual bird call no matter how far they were. The water was crystal clear, and if felt like we were paddling through glass almost. We floated in the middle of the lake for a bit in silence and from behind me he asked me a very simple question: “What do you feel?”. Normally I would have about 101 answers ready in my head, but this time I drew a blank. What do I feel? I had to actually stop my mind from thinking and switch gears to feeling. After a moment I responded, “I feel what it is like to be, instead of do.”

God had to drag me out into the middle of a lake, surrounded by trees and pure stillness to bring me back to that state of being again. In that moment, it’s as if all my worries of things I needed to do and lists just were lifted off of me and He took them. I had forgotten what it was like just to be present in the moment. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long after I came back home for me to jump right into my old doing mentality. But what I noticed right away was I got this instant feeling of feeling drained and constant worry. I felt off, helpless, and I struggled with why until I sat down and my mind brought me back to that moment of stillness. I had so quickly forgotten to remain in that presence with God and allow Him to work through me, instead of thinking that I need to figure everything out myself and have me work through me.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in the lie that we need to figure everything out, take care of everything, solve everything and save the world while were at it. God did not create us to be machines, He created us to be human BEINGS. It is in our VERY NATURE to be. Even when we do our work, we are constantly reminded to remain in His presence and invite Him to remain in our. We are told the lie that we need to create our own image, our own success, and that everything ultimately relies on us. That lie could not be more wrong! We are created in GOD’S IMAGE and everything we do and accomplish comes from that and is reflected in that.

Take sometime today, and take a step away from the constant pressure of doing. Feel what it is like just to be. Regardless what situation you are in, whether you are cooking food for your family, working on an assignment, or maybe just reading a book, bring your thoughts to the present moment. Breathe. Take it in. Feel what it is like just to be in this particular moment. Invite God to be present in this moment with you.

You are not a human doing…but a human being.


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