Written By: Sandra Walfisz

When we hear the word prayer, many of us will automatically think of the prayers that we say: Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. But have we actually took the time to truly unpack what a prayer is? Prayer isn’t us simply reciting words to God, a prayer is a CONVERSATION with God. When you have a conversation with anyone it involves two people where one person speaks, the other listens and then vice versa. We need the talking part but we also need the listening part as well. Many times when we sit down to pray, our prayer turns more into a monologue with God rather than a dialogue with God. We end up doing most, if not all, the talking and then we hang up the phone before we let God speak to us His words to our prayers, to respond back. Sometimes it even turns into more of a mechanical prayer and we feel like we are just going through the motions and saying the prayers.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, take a moment to put the brakes on and look at your prayer life and how you converse with God. If you talked this same way to a friend as you do with God, would it be fruitful conversation or would your friend possibly start feeling annoyed because you are the only one talking or sometimes talking way to fast?

Treat your conversation with God like you would any other conversation with a friend or loved one. When you talk to them, you don’t talk at speeds that they can’t understand you or in a way that you are simply reciting words back to them, you want them to understand and truly hear you out. You talk with purpose and intention and feeling, and you talk in a way that you know they will hear every word. Talk the same way with God. Even when you say prayers like Our Father or Hail Mary, for example, say them like you would in a conversation. Focus on each word, picture God sitting right beside you and listening to what you want to tell Him, say it to Him in that way. There is so much meaning to be unpacked in those small prayers when we take the time to focus on what exactly are we saying.

After speaking comes the most important part…LISTEN. We come to God with intentions and questions, and we truly do seek those answers, but if we don’t take the time to listen then we won’t hear them. Just like with your conversation with a friend, when you say your part, now it’s time for you to listen and them to respond. After you take a moment to talk, take a moment to listen to God’s response and let Him talk to you now. Again, picture Him there sitting right beside you. Be truly present with Him as you listen to Him speak to your heart. Sometimes you may hear your answer right away, sometimes you may not; God will speak to you in the way He knows you will understand best and at the time you are ready to hear it. But always give Him that moment to speak and learn to take that moment to listen. Turn your prayer from a monologue to a true dialogue with God.


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