Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

Freedom of expression seems to be a recurring theme with me these days. Blame it on Dr. Jordan Peterson, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with twice in the past few weeks. In light of the government imposing political correctness upon society, Dr. Peterson has become a clear voice for those who seem to have lost theirs. Dr. Peterson is very clear- you must exercise your free speech or you will lose it.

Catholics, take heed.

We have seen examples of how the government has clamped down on free speech. In Ontario, Linda Gibbons, a grandmother, cannot silently hold up a sign in front of an abortion clinic without being arrested and hauled off to jail.

Publicly funded Catholic schools are seeing their constitutionally protected morals and values system challenged by government imposed radical sex-education on children in classes.

Doctors in Ontario are fighting for truth and for the Hippocratic Oath as the government seems hell-bent on forcing all doctors to refer patients for assisted suicide, if not participating in the suicide themselves.

What’s next? Will priests be censored for publically declaring Catholic moral teaching as Catholic school teachers already are?

With declared Catholics representing 40% of Canadians, it’s shocking how we have let the culture slide into this immoral abyss. Decades of not using our voice, of not standing for truth, of not expressing ourselves in the public square have led us to this intolerant society in which we find ourselves living.

We Catholics must find our voice, and use it.


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