confessional w priest - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

There is something purifying about buckling down and cleaning your living space. There are the memories of encountering papers half discarded, there is the thrill of once again sorting books as if the authors themselves could be honoured, and of course, there is the opportunity to go back and revisit you when these items first crossed your path.

Advent should be like that for us. Holding again the sacred texts that convey a story so well known to us should again act like a time machine where we go back in our memory. The terrifying visits of the Angels should challenge us to examine our personal investment in the spiritual world. The experience of that priestly couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth, should help us to trust like we did when we were children. Joseph’s heroic movements should inspire us to once again put our families first. The list could and should go on.

On the first day of Advent I was blessed to be able to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. ‘Thank Jesus that you have agreed to clean up,’ the priest began. Thank Jesus indeed. Our homes and our souls can get messy, now is the time to put all things right.

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