carrying cross w dramatic sky black - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

This past week was very difficult for me. Theresa had pneumonia which left me with the task of looking after the house, kids and her (on top of my work). While I would like to say that I took on the additional work joyfully – I failed miserably.

After a discussion with Theresa one night, I realized that I had not taken this opportunity to embrace my crosses with joy. Instead of receiving graces from the crosses God sent me I squandered the opportunity and thought of myself, allowing my own frustrations and sorrows to take hold.

As I thought and prayed about what she said, I started to meditate on Christ and St. Joseph. With Christ, He willfully embraced His cross all the way to Calvary and as He died upon it. St. Joseph, he quietly, patiently, and immediately did whatever the Angel told him no matter how inconvenient (i.e. to accept Mary as his wife even though she was pregnant, to take his family into Egypt, and to leave everything and come back to Israel).

The month of September is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. May we, by her intercession and the example of Christ and St. Joseph, be able to bear and accept our crosses joyfully for the Lord.


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