Ultrasound baby sucking thumb - smallWritten by: Theresa Gilbert

I like my hair and I like my hairstylist. I see her a couple times a year. I know of friends who get their hair done much more often. The guys in my life tend to go every month and a half to keep their locks in shape. Undoubtedly, at each visit many topics might be covered. But, have you ever discussed abortion with your hairstylist or barber?

A new project called the “Samson Project” was launched at the end of August in Atlanta. As explained on the Bound4Life blog: Named for the long haired Nazirite, this project focused on bringing the truth about abortions impact on the black community to the tens of thousands of people who attended the Bronner Brothers Int. Hair show.

When people entered this particular booth at the event they were given folders with info on the high abortion rates for black women, a copy of MAAFA 21 – the documentary on black genocide – and a window decal for their shops. Over 1000 hairstylists agreed to watch the movie and put up the window decal. Many were shocked at the information that was shared with them.

It seems simple in one sense, but the results of this project have already had a huge impact and will only continue to grow as the conversations happen. Consider where you can make an impact by sharing the truth about abortion. Start conversations with family, friends and co-workers.

If you’re looking for some good resources to increase your knowledge of the issue visit these websites to get started:






To read more about this project visit the Bound4Life blog.



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