jesus sacred heart statue - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

There is a song from Linkin Park called “The Catalyst”. The chorus of the song goes “God bless us everyone. We’re a broken people living under loaded gun. And it can’t be outfought. It can’t be outdone. It can’t out matched. It can’t be outrun. No.” The first thing that struck me is the continuous used of “God bless us” since you rarely ever hear that term used in a son especially so frequently.

However, that thought is quickly overshadowed by the dark imagery and the sense of a loss of hope with constant reference to how we are a broken people and this brokenness cannot be outfought, outdone, out matched or outrun.  It is true that we are a broken people which is caused by original sin, however, by the Grace of God and the death of Jesus Christ we are saved – there is hope.

Further along in the song they sing “God save us everyone, Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns? For the sins of our hand, the sins of our tongue, the sins of our father, the sins of our young. No”. I think this is incredible for a mainstream alternative rock band to have just asked God to save everyone from our sins and in response to asking God if they would “burn inside the fires of a thousand suns” they answer “No”. God has given everyone the chance to be saved and free from our sins through Jesus Christ.  I wonder if Linkin Park knows that they are touching upon some basic Christian elements embedded within their song of hurt, pain, and despair.

Finally near the end of the son they sing “Life me up. Let me go” 10 times. When we accept the forgiveness of God and place our faith and trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are lifted up and “let go” from the bondage of sin.

I wanted to share this with you to point out that what the Church has been saying about how the world is hurting and is in need of God – Jesus Christ – is true.  This truth is stamped within the human heart and can be found in pop culture (this song is a perfect example). The problem is that most people do not know where to look for God’s saving grace, love and the freedom from the bondage of sin.  It is our responsibility as Catholic Christians to show them the way.

VIEWER NOTICE: This movie has dark imagery.



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