alien - smallWritten by: Joseph Jalsevac

The rash of UFO sightings that have emerged in the past century seem to have dramatically increased in recent years. As the reader may have noticed, credible news reports frequently carry stories of very strange and utterly inexplicable lights in the sky. This is a topic to pique the curiosity of the most unimaginative individual. Many theories have been proposed, with few being substantiated beyond one or two instances. Michael H. Brown of has brought a certain theory to my attention which I find quite compelling although it is unlikely to appeal to the sceptical secular modern mind.

I would like to propose the theory that many UFO’s sightings are in fact instances of demonic deception. I find that nearly every time I examine related evidence and or listen to the testimonies of avid UFO watchers, occult behaviour and language inevitably became involved. On one late night radio show for example, a caller was describing his initial encounter with a UFO, which sounded not unlike many other such sightings that may be heard on mainstream news reports. He then went on to tell of how he and a group of UFO enthusiast began regularly gathering on the hill where they had first seen the UFO and calling upon the ‘aliens’ using occult methods. The ‘aliens’ responded by appearing to them and communicating with them, giving them secret messages in the manner of esoteric religions. The internet is rife with stories of such experiences.

We know, from innumerable accounts of demonic possessions and oppressions in Scripture and elsewhere, that demons can manipulate the physical world to a limited degree. We also know through accounts in the lives of the saints that devils are able to appear to people under various forms. Padre Pio was tormented at night by devils who would appear in the forms of terrifying animals and cause him physical harm. Other forms included nude women who would tempt him to inchastity, or saints and holy persons who would attempt to deceive and tempt him in other ways.

The question therefore, is not whether devils have the ability to manipulate the physical world and appear under various forms, but whether they would be able to appear to a wide variety of people at one time. I see no logical objection to it. The strategic benefit for Satan in making such an appearance is shown by the number of people who, having witnessed the phenomenon, are prompted to turn to occult spiritual activities for answers and further experiences with the supernatural.

The question is, ‘why now?’. Why, if our theory is correct, are the demonic powers utilizing this particularly spectacular deception with such frequency in our time? If they were prevented from doing so in the past, or did not desire it, why are they able and desirous to do so now? When the fantastic Miracle of the Sun occurred at Fatima, it was witnessed by 70,000 pilgrims. It has been said that miracles are done primarily to strengthen the faith of the faithful, not just shake the scepticism of the unbeliever. Faith enables God to act in miraculous ways. Is it not logical, therefore, that sin and unbelief enable Satan to act in miraculous ways as well? Perhaps our society has reached such a degree of godlessness that Satan has been given the ability to act upon our minds and hearts in the Satanic inversion of what happened on that day in Fatima.


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