Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

There were two important marches in Washington, DC this past week or so: the Women’s March, and the March for Life. Sadly, there’s a massive ideological divide separating these two marches.

Let’s examine the Women’s March first.

This celebrity-led revolt against the new US President included many women, men, young children, and shockingly, some Catholic clergy!

There was a lot of swearing. There was a lot of vulgarity. There were people in vagina costumes (don’t get me started…). There were young children wearing vulgar homemade signs, dragged to the march by their mothers. There was a lot of LGBTQ+ promotion. Sadly, there was no room for pro-life women.

Can one really expect pro-abortion, feminist (and sometimes Satanist) Hollywood stars to lead a serious protest and behave in civil and just manner? These celebrities were out there demanding “reproductive rights”, which is code for abortion and contraception. Is a group of people demanding death for babies actually capable of reason and justice? One quick look at some of the vulgarities splashed across homemade placards would tell me otherwise.

What about the March for Life?

There was a lot of smiling and prayer. There was peace. There were far more people under 35 than over. There were tons of clergy and religious. There was no promotion of any ideological agenda- merely the promotion of the first US constitutional right: the right to life.

Of course the most notable presence at the March for Life was Vice President Mike Pence. Pence, a former Catholic and now Evangelical (come back across the Tiber, Mike!) was the first ever VP or President to ever address and attend the March for Life. As I watched the live coverage on EWTN, I could just feel the energy form the crowd.

“And be assured, be assured, that along with you, we will not grow weary, we will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America for ourselves and our posterity. Thank you and God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.” VP Mike Pence, March for Life Jan 27, 2017

Now contrast that to one of the celebrity male speakers at the Women’s March, Michael Moore. His shouting out “We are the majority” and “We Are All Muslim, All Gay, All Trans, All Queer” makes you wonder what these people are putting in their coffee to make them say such ludicrous statements.

Newsflash to Michael Moore- I and billions of others are none of those. And the billion who are one of those, are definitely not for the rest of those.

Also speaking at the March for Life this year was the most influential women in global politics today- KellyAnne Conway. A Catholic mother of four, she was President Trump’s campaign manager and is now a key adviser in the White House. Hearing her address the March for Life crowned her America’s golden girl.

So who did the Women’s March have? They had “Madonna” hurling expletives and vulgarities from the podium, and threatening to blow up the White House.

Is this the best they could come up with? Or was it actress Ashley Judd yelling “I am a nasty woman!” and insinuating an incestuous relationship between the president and his daughter Ivanka. How could anyone attend such a march, let alone take it seriously?

Also, someone tell “Madonna” to stop using Our Lady’s name. The former’s behaviour for the past 35 years is the furthest thing away from how Our Lady would behave.

Look, I’m all for protesting- that’s a sign of a healthy democracy. I’ve participated in my fair share or protests and plan on several more in my lifetime. Being Catholic is counter-cultural. Christ himself started the greatest revolution on earth – the revolution of love, of Christianity.

So to these women marching for abortion, and the men there too, and the celebrities, why don’t you put down your vulgar placards and pick up a rose and next year march at the March for Life. Abortion is the greatest injustice of our time. Don’t those babies mean anything to you?

The Women’s March has celebrities, but we have Christ and truth. Ought not our Marches be far bigger and better than anything that death can conjure?


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