Man praying in church - smallWritten by: Mark Gamez

As a practicing Catholic, it’s very hard to see myself for what I really am: a sinner. When the priest mentions the problems of our times during his homilies and the errors that a lot of people make along with the heretical ideas of our culture, I never find myself thinking, “That’s me.

Naturally, I consider myself to be a good Catholic who is fighting to keep the Church’s good image alive and visible in my life. I tend to default to thinking blame phrases like: “It’s those atheists that are ruining this world!”, “It must be those feminists again who blur the true nature of womanhood” or “The protestants don’t know what they’re saying or doing!

These days, God has been trying to give me some practice at humility – do you think I am trying it out? – Nope! I’m as stubborn as the Pharisees and Scribes that “had ears but could not hear”.

Am I being hard on myself? Sometimes, we “good” and “practicing” Catholics are the worst example of discipleship, of humility that Jesus invites all His followers to live out. We can become the judge of our own neighbor at a glance!

So what do we do? We have to admit this fault. It is for the best of our soul that we admit this sin! We have to try our best to catch ourselves from being that Pharisee, and pray to God that He humbles us especially when we need it.

Furthermore, we have to be patient with ourselves. Ask God to show us how to be kind and merciful towards others. Once we learn to be patient with ourselves, we will naturally understand that others have that same need of patience and prayers as we need.

The saints have always taught that the best way to fight evil is with greater holiness, but holiness cannot begin without humility and this is why we must admit our sinfulness especially when we enter our churches and when we say at the mass “I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned in my own fault”.

Lastly, when we are at mass, let us consider the mass in its sacrificial purpose for sinners and that we are at the mass not because we are the chosen elite of saints but that the Holy Sacrifice is meant exactly for us sinners.

Thank God that His doors are opened for us sinners and that He continues to make present the sacrifice of His Son through His ministers.


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