angel looking down - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

Every mature Christian has thought about it at one time or another.

“Is this the end? Are we approaching the apocalypse? Am I witnessing the final destruction before the second coming?”

Here in the west, the questions may be prompted by our widespread and increasing lack of faith or our less than basic knowledge of that Faith.

In other parts of the world, where war and destruction are commonplace, those same questions could easily be asked.

But regardless of how we come to ask the questions…

The consummation of the world is a reality.

And so are the promises made to us by Jesus Christ.

“…No one knows the day or the hour…” Mark 13:32

I am glad for that.

Because when we think we know the end of something we participate in it differently.


We received an email that a good friend of ours was in the ER at the local hospital.

Emails flew around.

People were praying.

People were offering sacrifices.

And we did so because we didn’t know what the end would look like.

Today, our friend is doing well, even if the world isn’t.

And I am tempted to ask…

“What are the saints doing?”

I am not talking about the holy ones who surround the Holy One in the heavenly realm…

I am talking about the saints walking this earth.

The mothers, the fathers, the unknown and unsuspected saints that keep our world from falling down.

I imagine they are doing what we saw last night.

In fact I know they are praying, fasting, suffering for the few who know them…

…and for the vast majority that never will.

They are the saints of this apocalypse.

And you can be one of them.


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