woman computer mouse - smallWritten by: Mark Gamez

As we hurry through each day, hoping that our work would give us a rest, we ignore and throw away many moments of grace– moments that hint at eternity. What do I mean by this? As the saints always tell us, our work should be a part of our prayer life.

So how can we pray in our busy and often frustrating work?

Begin every work with a small prayer: ask God to help you to remain focused and to do everything exceedingly well.

After the short prayer, get straight to work; do not be idle. I often remind myself that the Son prayed using His work with St. Joseph as a model to imitate.

When we pray as we work, I do not mean to actually pray with formal words such as the Hail Mary or the Our Father or the Glory Be; prayer in work is more silent. It is more about using the activity as our medium of expressing ourselves. Use your body to speak to God; each movement can become a prayer. If this sounds crazy, imagine a dancer who expresses themselves through their body or a conductor who communicates to his orchestra a great deal of information. There can be no doubt that our bodies communicate a great deal, and this is prayer at its simplicity: communication.

Every kind of work can lead us towards this understanding. Every kind of work involves our bodies, so every kind of work can lead us to prayer and holiness.

End each task with a moment’s appreciation and thanksgiving to God.

At the end of the day, reflect on what you have done and ask God to remind you of the graces He sent.

Lastly, be patient with yourself knowing your limitations and humbly ask God continuously to help you accept work as a gift.



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