St. DomenicWritten By: Lawrence Lam

The Dominican order kicked off the celebrations of their jubilee this past weekend around the world. Interwoven with the Year of Mercy will the celebration of a man whose destiny was to set the world aflame with Christ’s burning love. The most we can know about St. Dominic is from the men and women who carry his charism as their banner and way of life – the priests, brothers, nuns and lay consecrated who praise, bless and preach in all that they do.

Such is how flames work, stopping only when they die out, and spreading to any wick or kindling thirsting for the light and heat of the fire. How strangely attractive this is in any dark and/or cold place. St. Dominic was an itinerant preacher who never stood still in one place, moving on to the next dark or cold place thirsting for truth and love. The faith spread as easily as the Father begat the Son – as light from light, as the Creed says. His charism lives on in great saints like Martin de Porres, Catherine of Siena and the great St. Thomas Aquinas, and his intercession remains powerful throughout the past 8 centuries. (I credit his intercession for a former blog I wrote about him inexplicably remaining in the top of the search results among all my articles)

The Holy Father recognizes the significant contribution of St. Dominic and promulgated a plenary indulgence for all who celebrate in and with the Dominican communities in the world. May the celebrations of the Dominican charism further enrich the upcoming Year of Mercy, and may the next 800 years for the order be filled with many blessings.

God, Father of mercy,

who called your servant Dominic de Guzman

to set out in faith

as an itinerant pilgrim and a preacher of grace,

as we celebrate the Jubilee of the Order

we ask you to pour again into us

the Spirit of the Risen Christ,

that we might faithfully and joyfully proclaim

the Gospel of peace,

through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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