crowd of people on phone - smallWritten by: Mark Gamez

Just the other day I was sitting in the train heading to Toronto, and as it often happens, someone talking on their cell phone decided to sit right beside me. Her private conversation no longer remained private, and a few other people shake their head or give a quick look to see who the person is. (I do not have a cell phone, so this phenomenon is very irritable and I cannot even understand it).  However, this post is not about my feelings over my unfortunate situation, but about what I was forced to overhear. Unfortunately, she was breaking up with her boyfriend because he had a hard time putting aside some time and dedicating it for their relationship. In short, he didn’t spend enough time with her.

At first, I didn’t think this was a good enough reason. I even listed off some defense for his case (yes, for someone I have never met) such as: he must work a lot, he must be far away or he must have some obligations keeping him. So, of course, this girl must be asking way too much from him right now. Yet, as I continued to listen, she made it clear that none of these defenses were applicable in their situation and that instead, he just didn’t want to follow through with his promises of seeing her, talking to her, just simply spending time with her. She even got to the point of desperation: “I would’ve forgiven it all, for even 15 minutes of being with you!” With that, I knew he was just not that into her now as she had been led to believe.

That awkward and stressful travel to Toronto brought up some personal questions regarding my relationships with others. Do I save time for my family and loved ones? When I am taken away from them, why? Is it that important? Finally, do I give God even 15 minutes in my day, in my entire week? Is my 1 hour of going to Church on Sunday enough? What is the quality of our time spent together?

When I was in grade 10, I never went to Church, I never spoke to God, until my Religion teacher told me there are 10080 minutes in a week, how could we not have even 15 minutes devoted for God or how about 60 minutes to devote to God?

When I heard that girl say: “I would’ve forgiven it all, for just 15 minutes of being with you!” I knew that God was saying those words to me.



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