Serviam Ministries

Building the Kingdom of God one soul at a time.

Online Evangelization

Delivering online catechesis and evangelization through our website, video and social media.

Building Community

Creating a forum where Catholics, and people of good will, can learn, grow and share The Faith with others.

Problem Solvers

Develop programs, conferences and events that promote the Catholic faith and help tackle the crisis of faith the Church is facing.

Saving Souls

Unless souls are saved nothing is saved. Our goal is to bring people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Serviam Ministries seeks to build the Kingdom of God by bringing people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Why “Serviam”?
Serviam is Latin for “I will serve.” This was the cry of St. Michael the Archangel as a response to Lucifer’s “I will not serve” (Non serviam) when God put the angels to the test.

Catholics use the term “Serviam” as a prayer in the morning which emphasizes our willingness to love and serve God each day.

Priest Advisory Board
At Serviam Ministries we take our faith seriously and we also take seriously the people that Christ brings to us. This is why we have a priest advisory board that prays for our ministry but also gives our apostolate spiritual direction and advice.

David Gilbert

David Gilbert

President & Founder

Passionate, dynamic and on fire for Christ. Founder of Serviam Ministries & Band of Christian Brother fraternity. Married for 9 years. Father of a growing family. Full bio…

Theresa Gilbert

Theresa Gilbert

Vice-President & Founder

She is the co-founder of Serviam Ministries and loving mother of a growing family.

St. Joseph the Worker

St. Joseph the Worker

Patron Saint

St. Joseph the worker is the Patron Saint of Serviam Ministries. Every May 1st we re-consecrate our ministry to him.

Our Story

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